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3WS is a robust, yet simple and user-friendly windows-based manufacturing system. It can be used by any manufacturing company where materials are mixed to produce a final product.

3WS interfaces with industry-standard electronic weighing equipment, barcode laser scanners, thermal barcode printers and report printers.

3WS seamlessly links to other control systems, i.e. ERP systems (SAP etc…) and if required, LIMS, WMS etc.

3WS is an integrated production and quality control system with industry-specific functionality. It is used as an aid when manufacturing and packaging products that consist of one or more components. 3WS allows these manufacturing / packaging processes to be regulated from initial stages of material specification, through the product mixing and packaging process, to the tracking of actual materials used in finished products. Detailed control over these procedures is provided by the ability of 3WS to determine “actual” usage of materials by reading information from electronic scales, hand-held barcode scanners and data terminals.

3WS is modular and can be tailored to suit  specific business needs. Please refer to the list of the main modules. 

3WS has full traceability of operator actions and material usage.

Material and Lots  

Quality Control your stock

Manage your material master data and Lot inventory used in your work order ingredients and packaging components.

The Lots module is used as an inventory planning and quality control tool to perform stock receipts, warehouse location adjustments, barcoded goods receipt labelling, QC management and inventory quantity. Quality management of your Lot Nos includes QC status, potency, retest and expiry dates for every item received into your warehouse, keeping your inventory GMP compliant.

Quality checks are performed in the dispensing and manufacturing modules to ensure only correct materials are used in the production process. 

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Flexible recipe management

Formulas can easily be set up as the recipe or Bill Of Materials (BOM) required to manufacture a product. The BOM contains information about how each material is to be weighed, issued or manufactured, as well as other processing rules during manufacturing or packaging.

Special excipient management features allow for potency adjustments and other in-process activities.

Strict quality controls and eSignatures ensure correct specifications are continually met.


Manage your production orders

This module contains your BOM-required quantities. During 3WS processing, each batch is updated with completion status and fields to capture important events, like date of manufacture and final production yields. Each batch can also hold configurable rules, for example, to force production completion by a specific time.

If linked to your ERP system, data is automatically populated from your ERP scheduled work order and transferred back after the weighing or packaging process.


The batch module produces the most commonly used reports in 3WS for use in your reconciliation process and complies with regulatory guidelines.

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Prevent errors and re-works

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Manage all aspects of your weighing requirements

Core functionality guides users though critical dispensing tasks, connecting to scales and label printers, ensuring correct lots are used. The responsive colour bar provides a visual guide to facilitate quick and accurate weighing of materials. Automatic controls and calculations prevent errors and speed up the dispensing process.

This comprehensive module has many features such as Lot No potency adjustments, excipient calculations, Lot No premix weighing, tablet weighing, reverse weighing (usually liquids) and bag weighing. Campaign weighing or bag-counting can also be used, if the same material is weighed across many work orders.


Prevent re-works and batch losses

Manufacturing ensures, by barcode scanning the dispensing labels, that all ingredients dispensed are added to the correct receptacle, such as mixing bin, hopper, vacuum transfer tank. It also rechecks the expiry date.

Manufacturing can manage multiple phases of production. Initially, during an assembly phase, the program will scan and confirm that all weighed materials are accounted for, either when the order is put-away after weighing or when the order is delivered to the mixing area. Then during the final tipping phase, 3WS can require another barcode check, when the material is physically added to the mixing vessel. Each phase records the date, time, user who scanned the dispensing label.

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Manage Issues and Returns

Packaging checks that the finished product uses the correct label, inner pack, outer pack or carton preventing costly mistakes. It also manages the issue of bulk materials and packaging returns, including re-labelling of returned materials. 

Once production is complete, 3WS gives you the flexibility of returning or re-labelling the leftover packaging materials. Wastage and sample quantity can also be recorded.

Returns are automatically interfaced back to an ERP system.




Guarantee Mineral and Vitamin quantities

The Formula Optimization Module (FOS) manages the procedure used to calculate the actual amount of innate materials, such as minerals & vitamins (M&V) included in your work order.

When all weighings are complete, 3WS automatically calculates the total M&V quantities in your orders, using the COA results data for all materials used during the dispensing operations. 3WS alerts users of any values outside of set tolerances, allowing for quick QA review and adjustments to correct any M&V discrepancies easily.

Complete reporting functions can be easily accessed to ensure total product quality is achieved.


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Other Modules

We offer a vast range of other modules and features that can be utilised to assist in manufacturing processes, including:

  • Lotno (Goods Inward) Barcode Labelling
  • Finished Good (TUN) Labelling
  • Manufacturing Verification
  • PLC/Bulk Hopper Control
  • Packaging Verification
  • Material Scheduling
  • Manufacturing Execution activities (MES)
  • Lotno Location Management
  • Labour Costing
  • Mineral and Vitamin checking
  • User Profiles
  • Reporting

Please get in touch to find out more about our complete system.