For over 30 years, Wayahead Systems has been a leading software provider for manufacturing companies looking to safeguard and streamline their operations. Our software is used by many manufacturers (pharmaceutical, nutritional, infant formula, animal health etc.) across many international sites.

The main business of Wayahead Systems is the installation and development of 3WS, our user-friendly manufacturing software product. 3WS has many modules or features that simplify and streamline all production activities, from initial raw materials right through to finished product packaging.

3WS has many customizable features including barcode labelling of received materials, lot number management, dispensing of raw materials and issuing of packaging materials.

The automatic controls and calculations eliminate user and material errors, reduce data entry and paperwork and accelerate the weighing cycle for faster batch release to market times.

3WS seamlessly connects with ERP, PLC, WMS, LIMS systems and is linked to tablet management systems, such as Korsch Compression machines, Servolift blenders, Thomas Coating machine, NIR analysers, Erweka testing devices, etc.

After system validation, all production activities are recorded in 3WS, to regulatory levels, such as FDA, GMP, TGA, Medsafe, CFDA. A full track & trace audit trail can then be accessed in 3WS, from original starting materials, through to the finished product. All activities are extensively validated at each customer site.

Wayahead Systems has three core values that drive us – our customers, employees and development.