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We develop reliable and trusted, user-friendly software that is tested and validated to ensure all data is secure, eliminating paperwork errors, and as a result, improving work order production times and product quality.

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Implementing 3WS replaces a lot of time-consuming manual activities and paperwork, which is prone to user and material errors. 3WS guides users through the manufacturing process, connecting with balances, scanners, printers and equipment, whilst achieving strict compliance and greater product quality. 

Major benefits include:

Reduce batch losses due to human error

Reduce paperwork and the cost of paper storage

Reduced labor by removing the need for a second checker

Reduce production costs

Reduce quality review and release (Time to Market)

Enforce regulatory compliance – fully traceable and meets all regulatory levels (FDA, TGA, GMP, Medsafe, CFDA)

Significantly improve productivity

Improve product quality

Through studies of existing customers, the ROI is typically within 12 months.
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Other benefits include:

Simple to implement and user friendly

Multilingual so can be used anywhere

MES is web-based and assessable to all stakeholders anywhere, simultaneously and in real time

Right-first-time production

Significantly reduce scrap, defects and process delays

Promote Lean Management

Reducing operator stress

Release by Exception features

User authority and E-signatures for sign off

Overall better understanding of shop floor and manufacturing activities

Some of our customers have been using our software for over 30 years. We are confident we can help your business continually thrive for many years to come and we look forward to creating a genuine working partnership with you.