How to achieve more with 3WS

Many manufacturers are beginning to explore how technologies could be adopted and incorporated into their existing business operations to improve production efficiencies.

Smartly integrating systems and processes can dramatically improve plant productivity.

This is where 3WS is positioned to give manufacturers greater control, while reducing errors and labour costs, to significantly improve productivity and product quality.

Learn how to create an integrated system, working together to get the results you need.

Improve plant productivity


Our 3WS solution sits right at the heart of production to manage and guarantee procedures and operator activities throughout the manufacturing cycle.

The power of 3WS expands when integrated across other systems and manufacturing activities, to improve process and quality control.


How do you connect with equipment?

With our validated data exchange tool, 3WS has a flexible approach to communicating with PLC systems. Data can be transferred in a variety of formats, such as XML, flat ascii data files etc.

What procedures are available?

We can customize rules and procedures to suit your operational workflow requirements.

Can I start with one piece of equipment first?

Yes, a lot of our customers start this way and build from that over time.

How does it speed up production?

Processes become automated and streamlined to ensure there are no errors, eliminating manual paperwork.

How is quality ensured?

In the event of a non-conformity, 3WS will prevent the process to continue and create an issue log. The issue log and alerts can be sent to specified users or groups for appropriate action.

What information is recorded?

All the operations associated with the batch production are automatically recorded electronically.

Build on a solid foundation

3WS is built to improve speed, automation and control at every level on the production floor.

It can be customized to meet the needs of virtually any business and we look forward to working with you.