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Connecting with other systems

3WS can be run as a standalone application, however, the software is developed so that it can be easily integrated with other systems such as ERP, LIMS, WMS and PLC equipment. To do this, we have developed 3WS Exchange, a validated middle-ware system that sits between your systems and 3WS and performs all critical data exchange.

The data, which is transferred between ERP and 3WS, is managed in an agreed format that both systems understand, therefore eliminating a lot of time-consuming data entry. 

Data can be transferred in a variety of formats, such as XML data, shared database tables, flat ascii data files, etc. The structure of the data files can be configured for each site, using the ERP field names if required.

3WS Exchange comes with a reporting tool to ensure all transactions have been successfully processed in each system. Notice of incorrect input data can be automatically emailed using 3WS Exchange to the relevant nominated users.

The flexibility is key to your operations

The below video shows a simple, graphical explanation on how 3WS exchanges data with an ERP system.

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Interfaces with PLC systems

Automate data transfer with your equipment

Many large bulk manufacturing processes are linked to 3WS, from vacuum transfer management, to PLC applications such as Rockwell, Rosemount-Emerson, Yokogawa, Allen-Bradley, CI-Tech, GEA Nu-con, etc.

3WS manages the GMP integrity and data audit trail to regulatory levels, so linking 3WS with a PLC application enhances performance by guaranteeing the processing steps of all material and products onsite. Our software interfaces directly with the PLC and instantly performs any calculations required to ensure complete accuracy. The Electronic Batch Record (EBR) recorded by 3WS includes data from PLC systems, is fully validated and records all production and manufacturing activities. 

In-process testing

Connecting our software with testing equipment allows complete control of the manufacturing process. Users can see what has been tested in real time and cannot proceed with the order until testing has been completed successfully.

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How to achieve more with 3WS

Many manufacturers are beginning to explore how technologies could be adopted and incorporated into their existing business operations to improve production efficiencies.

Smartly integrating systems and processes can dramatically improve plant productivity.

Learn how to create an integrated system, working together to get the results you need.

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