Manufacturing Execution System

The web-based MES module guides operators through all production sequences, automatically creating a validated Electronic Batch Record (EBR) of all these sequences.


Reduce paperwork and improve productivity across all activities.

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MES checks that all operational instructions are recorded and accepted against pre-defined target values across weighing, counting, mixing and packaging phases. As it is web-based, MES can be viewed from any device in any location – tablets, phones, computers, on the factory floor or anywhere.

Production phases can include activities like:

  • Weighing
  • Tipping
  • Blending
  • Equipment cleaning and checks
  • Compression
  • In-Process Testing
  • Tablet coating
  • Packaging

MES performs data monitoring, equipment cleaning and management, manufacturing reconciliations and calculations. The automated data flows guide the operator through a work order one step at a time to ensure the correct procedures are followed and strict adherence to the order. Authorized users can sign off on important steps when required.

This leads to higher productivity, quality-assured production, shortened processing times and promotes ‘right first time’ manufacturing.

MES is designed in blocks so that you can easily create a library of master work orders, with the ability to modify each one.

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Be connected.

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Dashboard of Batches

Order Status

see the status of all orders in production

Dashboard of Dispensaries

Room Status

see what’s happening in each room


As 3WS records all data, the real-time web-based dashboards can visually display any information recorded, in any view. It is customizable to suit any business need.

The dashboard gives you the flexibility to view shop floor production blind spots and visualize bottlenecks for operators. Other displays can identify issues in material quantities, total orders produced or equipment cleaning status.  We can tailor dashboards to display the data that will help you most.

    • where are the production blockages?
    • are we hitting out targets?
    • is the machine at full capacity?
    • what is the live status of orders?

These are some of the questions our dashboards will help you with to ensure your production is running as smooth and efficient as possible.