Additional Modules

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Module

The web based MES module takes the operators through all production sequences automatically creating a validated Electronic Batch Record (EBR) of all these sequences. Production phases can include Weighing, Tipping, Blending, Equipment checks, Compression, In-Process Testing, Tablet coating and Packaging. MES performs data monitoring, equipment cleaning and management, manufacturing reconciliations and calculations. This leads to higher productivity, quality assured production and shortened processing times.

Dashboards: the dashboard feature within MES allows operators to visualize real time shop floor production and can be customized to suit any requirements.

Manufacturing (MFG) Module

Mixing of previously weighed items, can be managed, by barcode scanning the details from the earlier Dispensing label. The Lotno useby-date and status can be re-checked during the assembly or mixing operations. The manufacturing program can manage two phases of production. Initially, during an assembly phase, the program will scan and confirm that all weighed materials are accounted for, either when the order is put-away after weighing or when the order is delivered to the mixing area. Then during the actual mixing phase, can require another barcode check, when the material is physically added to the mixing vessel, such as tanks, IBC, vacuum transfer, PLC system. This phase can record the date, time, user who is transferring the materials into the mixing vessel.

Packaging Module

3WS can also control, check, label your packaging materials. The process of assembling, then delivery to the production area, is different for packaging materials. Packaging materials are usually over-issued, to account for machine overruns, larger bulk shipment of materials, etc. The Packaging module, caters for these conditions, by barcode confirming the lotno of material.

Once the production run is complete, the remaining (left-over) packaging materials, can be returned to stock and re-labelled if required. The re-lbelling can also include the quantity returned, with this information recorded as a barcode, which is helpful the next time this material is issued to a work order. Returns can be assigned to specific (smaller) warehouse locations as well, which is then interfaced back to the ERP system.

PLC Interfaces

Many large bulk manufacturing processes are linked to 3WS, from vacuum transfer management, to PLC applications such as Rockwell, Rosemount-Emerson, Yokogawa, Allen-Bradley, CI-Tech, GEA Nu-con, etc. 3WS manages the GMP integrity and data audit trail to regulatory levels, so linking 3WS with a PLC application, enhances the other system, by guaranteeing the processing steps of all material and products onsite. The Electronic Batch Record (EBR), recorded by 3WS, includes data from PLC systems, is fully validated and records all production and manufacturing activities. Usually a PLC system, will not record a full EBR to regulatory requirements.

Other modules include:
Material Scheduling
Labor Costing
Interfacing with ERP etc.