Wayahead System’s core value is to ensure our customers have the full support they require. 3WS has a strong market brand and has always been a stable product requiring minimal support. Our support team will work with our customers around their schedule and are available via phone, email or on-site.

We offer a full range of services and support for all project lifecycle stages from initial design, final implementation and go-live, to ongoing support. This includes a turn-key solution to install, configure and validate our software for seamless integration with our customers’ existing processes and procedures, enabling a fast and hassle-free implementation. 

With over 30 years’ experience, we understand business needs and will help assist a smooth delivery from the early stages of development right through to the Performance Qualification (PQ) to ensure regulatory compliance is met.

We can help with:

– Business Case Analysis
– System Functional and Technical Design
– Integration Services for Business and Plant Systems
– System Configuration, Testing, Validation, and Go Live.

We work with you in whatever capacity is required, from managing the entire project through to being collaborative members of your internal project team and we can help you make informed decisions, save time and money using our own design templates.

During each installation project, Wayahead Systems will work with the local users to generate the relevant Installation Qualification (IQ) documentation. If the site is not familiar with IQ procedures, we can manage this important phase of the project, from file server setup, through database creation, to workstation configuration of electronic balances, barcode scanners and barcode printers.

User training will also be completed during the initial phase of 3WS implementation. Training is usually conducted in separate sessions for system admin users, production supervisors and finally operators. 

Wayahead can customize the 3WS product for any site. All program changes are managed using a formal Change Control Procedure. Change Request and Change Note documentation is managed for all program updates.

All new features are parameterized, allowing a site to decide whether or not to activate the feature after they upgrade.

Our testing and validation services assist customers to guarantee successful regulatory compliance. Our team are ready to help with your Validation Master Plan, URS, FRS and IQ/OQ/PQ testing.

We want you to feel confident that any audit of your 3WS/MES installation will pass auditor scrutiny.

Our validation database contains over 1000 test scripts that we make available to you. These can be selectively used to test your specific validation needs and complies with regulatory guidelines.

Click here to download our Validation Brochure